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About ERF

Environmental Resources Foundation (ERF) is a not for profit foundation, constituted under sec-25 of Company Law, to accelerate adoption of sustainable living, through work in communities. It is FCRA registered. Active since 2011, ERF has been working to expand its programs to build an ethic of sustainable living across communities. We want to engage and build many champions of sustainability across communities

We believe in growing communities with a sustainability focus to secure the future of tomorrow

Our Mission

 Accelerate adoption of long term sustainable solutions, conserving or enhancing environmental resources, applied to environmental and social problems with a strong blend of science, collaboration and on-ground action.

Our Mission

Our Vision

A future where societies grow sustainably

Our Leadership Team

Vinod Kala.jpg

Vinod Kala

Director, Founder

Vinod has over 30 years of industry experience, focused on clean energy, sustainability, strategic management and finance. Over the years, he has helped launch a number of new businesses in clean technologies including renewable energy aggregators, sustainable farming, solar-powered water purification systems etc.


He founded Emergent Ventures India (EVI) in 1999 and launched the clean development business in 2004. Since then EVI has become globally recognized for its work in climate change mitigation and sustainable development, having completed more than 500 assignments across several geographies. He has been personally involved with incubation of several new businesses; design of renewable energy policies; development of new financing instruments; championing the cause of renewable energy, sustainable development, rural electrification, smart grid development, net metered solar water pumping programs etc.


He has been active in promoting new thinking in areas such as wind-solar hybrids, energy storage and utility anchored programs for solar PV and EV scale up, as well as solar water pumping, smart metering, energy efficiency, resource management, financial instruments and structures for scaling deployment of clean technologies .   


He has consulted with a variety of stakeholders such as national and provincial governments, banks and financial Institutions, corporates, think tanks and UN organizations. 

Snigdha Kala


Snigdha is a renewable energy finance professional with a deep passion for promoting sustainable development. She has been active in this space for about 10 years She has worked with a number of solar developers in India and also engaged development finance institutions and government bodies on several consulting assignments. Snigdha also founded a sustainable agriculture company, and has experience with challenges faced in remote areas. She has a masters in Biology from the University of Oxford, and an MBA from the Indian School of Business.


Suuhas Tenddulkar

Program Director

Suuhas is a seasoned electric mobility & renewable sector professional with 19+ years of work experience spanning from large corporate to non-profit organizations. His areas of expertise are electric mobility, wind and solar power, energy storage, and climate change/sustainability. 
He has actively contributed various articles in books, national and international magazines. He has successfully worked on training and consulting assignments for Indian corporate, government, and bilateral and multilateral agencies like UKFCO, and EU commission, etc.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical engineering, from Gujarat University and a post-graduate management degree from the XLRI, Jamshedpur.

Shingle Sebastian

Program Manager

Shingle Sebastian is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable development, with nearly 8 years of experience in these areas. He has a deep understanding of solar energy, solar system design, energy efficiency, DRE technologies, and financial modeling, and has successfully implemented a range of solutions for communities in various sectors, including health, livelihoods, water, education, and small businesses.
Throughout his career, Sebastian has collaborated with a variety of technology providers, renewable energy system integrators, NGOs, government officials, and community-based organizations. He has successfully implemented programs worth $1.5 to $2 million in research, testing, prototyping, and piloting projects in the livelihood energy nexus, and has expertise in designing products for livelihood and health-based DRE solutions for communities.
He has conducted a study on sustainable energy and livelihood ecosystems for refugee settlements in Djibouti in collaboration with UNITAR and UNHCR, and was a master trainer for a training program in solar design in collaboration with Don Bosco Tech Society. He has also provided training to clean energy enterprises in site assessment, solar design, bill of materials, pricing, implementation, and post-implementation maintenance.Sebastian is also well-versed in the clean mobility sector, and has undertaken studies that have the potential to inform policy development and program implementation in this field. 
In addition to his professional experience, Sebastian holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a master's degree in Power Systems. He is committed to advancing renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable development, and is dedicated to finding and implementing innovative solutions that benefit communities around the world.


Our Partners

Meet The Team

Arpit Dixit_edited.png

Arpit Dixit


As a senior consultant specializing in ESG, Arpit bring extensive expertise and experience to help organizations align their business goals with sustainability objectives. His passion for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility has driven him to become a trusted advisor for clients across various industries.

Shruit Bansal.jpg

Shruti Bansal


Shruti has over 5 years of experience in various areas of sustainability such as climate change, waste management, extended producer responsibility (EPR), recycling of secondary materials, and material balancing. She is a post-graduate in Environmental Engineering & Management from IIT Kanpur

Javaid Iqbal.png

Javaid Iqbal Sofi

Program Manager

Javaid Iqbal is a management consultant with graduate-level training in multiple fields, including sustainable international development,economic-financial management, and business administration. He has previously served as a consultant at the United Nations and was a fellow at Harvard Public Health Review and a Global Fellow at Brandeis University USA.

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Emergent Ventures (EVI)

our founding partner

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