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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Access to clean drinking water is still challenging in rural India. ERF in collaboration with Swajal (technology partner) implemented a Smart Water Purification system – ‘Solar Water ATM’ in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan to provide access to safe drinking water to communities.

The model is based on ‘pay as you go basis’ and uses smart cards.

With the formation of village water committee, the project beneficiaries have now become ‘project owners’ with the committee members taking care of O&M responsibilities.

Under this project, ERF installed a 1000 LPH water purifier, running on solar energy. The drinking solution offered to these communities provide benefits including, water access/availability (from any source- ground, surface, piped), water purity (can deal with very high TDS, biological loads, metals, arsenic, fluoride etc.), and electricity access (no grid, power deficit grid, good grid availability). This project is done for the Clean Energy Arm of Hero Group; Hero Future Energy.

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